Labor Only Services

As you are aware, moving is a complex process. You can opt for a professional to help you with relocation and remove the burden and stress. However, due to specific limitations, a full-service move might not be your option. You may be required to hire rental trucks and perform DIY relocation.

So, if you need an entire team or extra set of hands, Get Moved Now is here to help. Our team of trained movers has experience in heavy lifting and arranging.  

We are leaders in moving labor and providing hourly labor services. Our main goal is to help you ease the process of moving. We understand that some people prefer packing by themselves. However, it can be challenging to lift heavy objects like furniture. That’s why our licensed team will come with the right tools to handle all the lifting. Our services include:

  • Loading

With our labor only service, you will have to hire a truck, and our team of professionals will help you with loading. In this stage, all your packed boxes and wrapped furniture require to be lifted and moved into the rented vehicle.

Our drug tested and background checked team understands that loading is a vital stage because it requires care to prevent property damage and personal injury.

  • Unloading

When items arrive at a location, an energetic team is needed to perform unloading. As you know, you can injure your body during heavy lifting. That’s why one requires experience to remove items from the vehicle.

Our team knows the process of lifting heavy objects to ensure the safety of your essentials. They are fast and guarantees quality work. So, you will not spend days during the relocation process.

labor only services

labor only services

Why Consider Our Labor-Only Services?

  • Reduced damage

During relocation, many of your items can get damaged. However, you can prevent this by considering our team. They are well-trained and have experience of loading and unloading. They use advanced equipment to ease the lifting process and their expertise to handle your items with care. Being licensed guarantees the safety of your belongings. Thus, you can relax and focus on other vital activities.

  • Fast and efficient team

Relocating your business can affect the growth. Thus, you need to make the process fast. We understand that everyone wishes to run their business normally, and no one wants to lose a sale. That’s why our team is fast and efficient. They know that everyone wants to stay in the new home soon. So, they will finish the work quickly without compromising safety.

  • Team of professionals

No one can load a moving vehicle perfectly than an experienced team. A truck is designed to carry many and bulky items. However, if packed poorly, it can carry less. Our team knows the amount of load a particular truck should carry. They will help to fill a moving vehicle and utilize the rented space.

Loading or unloading a storage unit or a vehicle is not easy. It can cost you a lot of time if you opt to implement the DIY process. That’s why Get Moved Now is here to make your local or long-distance move more comfortable.


Key Benefits of our Service

GET MOVED NOW strive to provide the best moving services to our customers.Here are a few benefits you can count on when using our services.

  Friendly customer service
  Straight forward estimates
 Your belongings are safe and insured
  Use of the right equipment
  Avoid painful moving injuries

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