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We have a proven track record in the delivery of freight throughout California and out of state. You can fully rely on us for local freight delivery and home delivery. Our logistic experts have handled different kinds of local freight deliveries; hence they know how to deal with any issues that may arise during delivery. We are a Southern California top rated logistic company that offers dependable home delivery and freight delivery services.


Not all logistic companies out there have the capacity to scale up or down based on the growth of your business. This is one of the things that makes GET MOVED NOW different. We can scale our transportation, labor, and space to match our clients’ needs.


The last thing you want is to experience delays due to using an average logistics company. At GET MOVED NOW, we have what it takes to adjust our operations in the event of supply chain disruptions to ensure our clients don’t get inconvenienced

On time delivery

At GET MOVED NOW, we’ve put in place a range of measures to ensure quick delivery of freight and home deliveries. We’ve streamlined everything from transportation and clearance to managerial competency to make deliveries in a timely manner.

Local Freight Delivery

We deliver local freight throughout California!

Looking for local freight delivery services in Southern California? Here at GET MOVED NOW, we’ve got you covered. Here at GET MOVED NOW, we have access to the latest logistic technology to help us streamline our operations. For example, we use highly advanced tracking and transportation management software for better monitoring of shipments. We are always updated on the latest technologies that can help us digitize our supply chain and ultimately drive greater efficiency.


We are the most reliable Southern California logistic service. We’ve heavily invested in dependable shipping and transportation to provide our clients with timely and efficient logistic services. We have adequate storage space in optimal locations in Southern California, and we’ve invested in technology and knowledgeable staff to minimize errors and avoid delays.

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Home Delivery Service

Delivering furniture and other household items is easier than ever.

With our logistic services, delivery of furniture and other household items is easier than ever. Whether you need freight delivery within the state or out of state, you can count on GET MOVED NOW to meet and exceed your expectations.


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Long Distance Freight Delivery

Do you need freight deliver to a customer out of state?

When it comes to long distance freight delivery, not hiring a competent Southern California logistic service like GET MOVED NOW would be a huge mistake. Logistic service entails more than loading and unloading items. It’s a process that involves optimization of the supply chain, advanced tracking, and continuous scaling. Therefore, hiring a reputable Southern California logistic service can handle everything for you, giving you time to focus on other important things like growing your business.


As a top-rated logistic company in Southern California, we understand that timely delivery is of essence for our clients. That’s why we are committed to helping our clients to save time so that they can focus more on other important things

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GET MOVED NOW is one of the most experienced logistic services in Southern California. We have delivered more than 4239 freight and more than 1347 home deliveries. We have more than 1462 satisfied clients who are more than willing to recommend our logistic services.



If you’re looking for the best logistic services in Southern California at the best rates, GET MOVED NOW can help. Call us at 1-888-511-4771 for a free quote. You can also visit our website to learn more about our company and the kind of services we offer.